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Storm damage  |  Dangerous trees and limbs  |  Dead trees

A devastating ice storm ravaged Canada and the North Eastern US in the winter of 2013/2014.  Toronto was hit hard; thousands of people were left without power and many trees were destroyed or damaged. Environment Canada reported 30 mm of ice during the storm. Trees unable to carry the weight were victims of branch failure and in some cases entire trees toppled over. There was no shortage of work for arborists during this time. The City of Toronto's Parks, Forestry and Recreation issued a temporary permit exemption for the removal of imminently hazardous trees, limbs and branches. This temporary exemption is no longer in effect.

Wind storms, like ice storms, put tremendous strain on the limbs and branches of a tree. Wind storms have a more negative effect when leaves are present on trees. Like thousands of tiny sails, the leaves of a tree catch the wind forcing branches to absorb the dynamic loading which is then transferred to the pedestal and discharged into the earth via the root system. In city landscapes like Toronto, wind storm damaged trees disrupt services including power and utility lines. 

If your home or property is compromised by a hazardous tree or limb don’t hesitate to contact us.